Metaphysical Consultations

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Specializing in tarot readings

If you have thought about having your cards read, I am currently providing metaphysical consultations with The Goddess Tarot.

Examples of topics for Metaphysical Consultations may include

* Love * Career * Goals * Friends *

Examples of questions for Metaphysical Consultations may include

* Career Outlook
* Decisions and Choices
* Relationships

In love and light!

Helpful, honest feedback is always appreciated.


People who are having a serious crisis may dial 988 or find a free hotline referrals by searching online.
I do not provide predictions for the future nor time frames. Metaphysical consultations for self-actualization and are intended to help uncover the answer to questions by providing a connection to the subconscious level; however, metaphysical consultations are for entertainment only, and do not replace a professional consultation. Scroll down this page to read more disclaimers about tarot readings and metaphysical services.

Tarot readings are available through my Etsy shop!

Magicka School Advanced Tarot CertificateSage Goddess Alchemist CertificateGoddess School Adept Level, Divination Internship Magicka School Advanced Tarot Certificate
Sage Goddess Alchemist Certificate
Goddess School Adept Level, Divination Internship

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Although I personally believe in metaphysics, I must include the following disclaimer for legal reasons:

Metaphysical consultations, including tarot, rune and oracle readings, are for entertainment. I am not responsible for any real life actions and decision-making of my clients. Results are not guaranteed and individual results may vary. Metaphysical consultations are not a substitute for professional advice from a financial adviser, doctor or any professional. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical condition. Because a metaphysical consultation is an informational service, no refunds may be given after services are provided. Clients must be 18 years of age or older.