Herb of 10,000 Names

As I listen to Klara Adalena’s presentation on Gaia at the Goddess Telesummit 2015, sponsored by Mystery School of the Goddess, I wonder who might share my views regarding the herb known by many names, including “marijuana” and the legal cesspool surrounding its legality or non.
Common Cinquefoil, Public Domain Engraving from The British Herbal, 1756
Public Domain
Engraving from
The British Herbal, 1756

My feeling, after having worked with plants in my own garden, is that not only are plants living creatures, they also have an awareness of their environment. We have heard of plants being “trained” to climb a trellis, and those of us who tend regularly notice how external influences, aside from the basic botanical, affect the health and wellbeing of those plants.

My question: what has been “taught” to the marijuana plant? Has it been taught love, harmony, fidelity? Has it been taught violence, fear, lust?

What, in fact, is marijuana’s upbringing; before it gets to the final consumer and becomes something that is so craved that people get more incited about its legalization than they do about stopping a war? What is so darn frantic about marijuana’s legalization?

Deep my my heart of hearts, I feel that marijuana, the plant, is afraid and abused. It lives its life in secret; in fear of being killed if found, and having its death and destruction publicized in public newspapers. Not only the plant itself is in fear, it is also surrounded by fear and violence. In the foreign countries where it is raised, crossing the borders in peril, and being sold in secret.

It’s hard to imagine any therapeutic benefits would remain, after such an upbringing. Compare a child, raised in such an environment. What is more likely? To become a doctor or a criminal?

Public Engraving of Herbs from  The British Herbal, 1756
from The British Herbal, 1756

So, let’s say marijuana is legalized, which will probably happen during my lifetime.

Does that solve marijuana’s problem, after a century or more of discrimination through a number of generations?

Will marijuana, suddenly, be cured of its fearful past?
I doubt it. It’s a start, but nothing happens overnight.

What, in fact, is the “half life” of domestic violence? Which is, my dears, the life that the marijuana plant has been raised with.

My estimate: two to three times as long as the life experiences it has been raised in, from the moment it became known as “bad” or “unlawful”.

In other words: two or more CENTURIES.

So, legalizing marijuana may be an answer for the future of this planet and acceptance of everything within Gaia’s dominion as mother earth.

But it will take much, much longer for the ills suffered by this plant to be cured.

just sayin’