Vacation: Let's Visit Tintagel Castle!

on vacation....starting with places I have actually visited before...and looking into fun things to do, places to stay, and, of course, souvenirs!

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As you know if you read my previous articles, my dream vacation has been to take my dogs for a walk at Stonehenge. Because I live in California, this scenario has taken quite a bit of strategy on my part to find a way to get to the destination. The strategies were covered in my previous blog posts, in which I virtually arrived at the Port of Southampton, did some sightseeing and found a place to stay.

I have recently started a new job, so I don't have quite as much time to write extensive blog posts as I've have in the past. What I've chosen to do, instead, is to share cool, vacation and travel-related stuff I notice on my partners' websites.

Because I haven't necessarily purchased everything I write about, this blog post is not always going to be about my personal experiences.

What I will do for you, is share the things I feel may be particularly interesting, helpful or fun for a vacation, based on what I am most attracted to at the time I write.

Before I delve into this blog post, though, I must mention that dog friendly does imply some sorts of protocol, and rules which are probably welcomed by other members of the public.

For example, dogs should be well behaved, and restrained on a short leash (for example, a six foot leash may be preferable to a long, retractable leash).

Some people are allergic to pets, and won't appreciate having a strange dog, no matter how cute or friendly s/he is, jumping up on them or putting muddy paws all over their clothing.

Others are frightened of larger dogs, and I must include myself among these. Ironically, since the writing of this dog-friendly series, an incident with a medium sized poodle in my own neighborhood has made me a bit wary of  medium sized pets as well. It also put a temporary damper on my typing and blogging activities.

No matter how well a pet is trained, I believe that it's imperative to have pets on leash at all times when other members of the public are around. I'm not the biggest fan of unsupervised, off-leash activities, especially when medium to large sized dogs are around kids and smaller pets.

Today I am featuring Tintagel Castle as a dog-friendly outing for friendly dog owners; a very magical place I have visited before. According to the English Heritage website, Tintagel Castle is among numerous dog-friendly places to visit.

Tintagel, legendary home of legendary King Arthur is (or was, when I was last there) a castle in ruins. The castle site is overgrown with all sorts of lush grassy areas which make the setting something like a wonderful park.

The setting, overlooking the ocean, is absolutely spectacular.

If Tintagel Castle is anything like it was when I was there, all sorts of people who cater to the tourists may be present, with various sorts of characters and entertainment.

People who enjoy taking their friendly dogs, safely restrained on leashes, might be most welcome.

Comments, please?

To be continued...


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