Vacation: Restful Sleep After a Day of Exciting Exploration

This is part of a new series of blog posts about travelling on vacation....starting with places I have actually visited before...and looking into fun things to do, places to stay, and, of course, souvenirs!

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As you know if you read my previous articles, my dream vacation has been to take my dogs for a walk at Stonehenge. Because I live in California, this scenario has taken quite a bit of strategy on my part to find a way to get to the destination. The strategies were covered in my previous blog posts, in which I virtually arrived at the Port of Southampton, did some sightseeing and found a place to stay.

I have recently started a new job, so I don't have quite as much time to write extensive blog posts as I've have in the past. What I've chosen to do, instead, is to share cool, vacation and travel-related stuff I notice on my partners' websites.

Because I haven't necessarily purchased everything I write about, this blog post is not always going to be about my personal experiences. What I will do for you, is share the things I feel may be particularly interesting, helpful or fun for a vacation, based on what I am most attracted to at the time I write.

This post is about meditation, rest and sleep. Getting to sleep in a strange place can be a challenge, especially after an exciting day of sightseeing. To get the most out of each day, I feel it's important to try and get a good night's rest in the evenings.

Over the past six weeks, I've drifted off to sleep listening to The Secret Universal Mind Meditation by Kelly Howell. It is available at YouTube, and also offered in two different versions through Brain Sync website. Brain Sync sells these and other helpful audios in mp3 and cd formats.

A sample of the meditation from YouTube is here (youtu . be/AO4RKIs1p54 ), and if you'd like to try the longer version I've been using, it may be found here ( youtu . be/6tF14GnCJqk ). I feel my sleep has been restful, and I've been in a better mood than usual during the day. Maybe it's the meditation, maybe it's a synchronicitous coincidence, or maybe I've just been a little more mindful than usual.

So this post is not just about my wonderful partners. It's also about a "freebie" at YouTube, which I thank Kelly Howell for sharing as a video, and I also thank Nicole Guillaume of Guiding Echoes for sharing with followers like me who signed up for her ebook and emails.

Nicole, by the way, has one of the nicest Goddess Fortuna meditations I've found online. Her Create Abundance with Goddess Fortuna - A Guided Meditation may be found at the top of this page and here ( youtu . be/KOfSfw_wgGU ). Again, a freebie, and the reason I checked out Nicole's Guiding Echoes and signed up for her ebook and email newsletter.

Nicole, Kelly and I all have our own businesses to run, and as I'm writing this post I'm also window shopping at Brain Sync's website. Nicole recommended The Secret to Attracting Love, and that one does look nice. I definitely want to be sure I'm comfortable with using the audio while I'm asleep. However there are a few more I'd like to try, especially with Brain Sync's buy 3 get one free promotion. (hover over the Audio Store tab, drop down and hover over Gifts and Specials, and then slide over to CD or MP3 Special Savings to the right)

I'm no expert at brain waves, and I'm noticing that Brain Sync's audio offerings are linked to different types of brain waves like Alpha, Delta, Theta, etc. Some audio includes subliminal messages, and some doesn't. Also, some of the meditations can be done anytime or while sleeping. Other meditations require wearing headphones, which doesn't interest me at all. If this can't be done while I'm asleep, I doubt I'll want to take up extra time during the day. I definitely don't want the obligation of researching or investing in equipment like headphones.

It appears to be that the BrainSync recommends selecting one thing to improve at a time, and to work on that one thing for at least six weeks. So I need to choose just one thing. Do I really want love more than anything else right now? Or does something else interest me? Whatever I choose to work on first, this means I might drift off to sleep listening one new meditation in the evening for the next six weeks, just as I've done with the The Secret Universal Mind Meditation over the past six weeks.

After that, I may return to The Secret Universal Mind Meditation, take a rest, or continue with another audio.

So to clarify, the Brain Sync website seems to suggest absorbing one topic over at least a six week period, and not to make a playlist of different meditations on different topics, nor to shift topics around from week to week. I'm not sure why, because I don't see it explained at the website. Maybe brain waves prefer repeated vibrations. Maybe keeping things simple makes for more restful sleep. Who knows?

Anyway, if the freebie meditation is relaxing for you, maybe you will consider listening to it for the next six weeks. Be sure to leave a nice comment at YouTube thanking Kelly for making the meditation available for us, and please remember to come back to my website when you're ready to make a purchase so you can go through my affiliate links.

I hope you sleep soundly, have wonderful dreams, and wake up refreshed, happy and ready to start a new day!

Comments, please?

To be continued...


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