Activities & Awards

Post University

Ludi Romani – Ludi Theater Competition - MMDCCLXXIII (2020) First Place Winner, Roman Republic, Roman Republic Cultural Group Inc., Canada
Ludi Apollinares: Pass along story competition - MMDCCLXXIII (2020) Third Place Winner, Roman Republic, Roman Republic Cultural Group Inc., Canada
Ludi Novi Romani Certamen Historicum MMDCCLXVI First Place Winner, Nova Roma, Maine, USA

Burrtec Right Stuff Recycling Challenge Winner, Victorville, California

National Association Women in Construction, former member
National Association of Professional Women, former member
Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Public Relations, The International Women’s Leadership Association, New York, USA

West Los Angeles K9 Obedience Training Club member, Gardena, California
South Coast K9 Agility Team member, Costa Mesa, California

American Federation of Musicians former member, Local 7, Orange County, California
American Institute of Architects former member, Florida Northwest, Florida
American Institute of Architects former elected board member, Golden Empire Chapter, California

University & College

Phi Theta Kappa ΦΘΚ Honors Fraternity Member, Santa Ana, California & Pensacola, Florida
Business Department Scholarship, Santa Ana, California
Honors Graduation, Pensacola, Florida
Music Study Club Scholarship, Pensacola, Florida

Pre College

University of Reno, Nevada, Fee Waiver Scholarship

Colts Tale Literary Annual published Poet & short story Writer, Wooster High School, Reno, Nevada
Tolkien Society member and elected Officer, Wooster High School, Reno, Nevada

Jazz Festival Performing Artist, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California
High School Music Performance State Level Competition, Piano accompanist to Winning Trombone Soloist, Nevada
Stage Band Member, Wooster High School, Nevada
Culture Vulture Talent Attack Piano accompanist, Reno, Nevada
Zothique cover band, keyboardist & backup vocalist, Reno, Nevada

City Childrens Theater, leading lady & character actor roles, Reno, Nevada & Colorado Springs, Colorado:
Rapunzel - A queen disguised as a tree
Pinnochio - Glissandra, an etherial narrator
Peter Pan - Tribal member
The Wizard of Oz - Dorothy
Babes in Toyland - Marjory Daw

Preschool Age Children’s Co-Ed Short Sprint Competition First Place Prize Winner, Chrysler Company employees and families picnic, New Orleans, Louisiana
Preschool Age Stage Participant, Romper Room television show, New Orleans, Louisiana