Runes and Chakras

Here is a video on the same concept; a little more detailed
 and featuring a reversed order of correspondences, 
which I found after writing this post.

The other day I was pondering the runes, as well as the chakras, and noticed what could be correspondences within the first set of runes; sometimes known as Freya's aett and starting with the runes which form the "FUTHARK" letters which seem to be a well known identifier of a particular runic system. 

I looked online, and did not see the correspondences I noticed, although numerous people have drawn correspondences of their own. So I felt I should share the correspondences I've seen, and my reasons. Some of the correspondences are kind of sketchy and inconsistent, yet they seem to work. 

Fehu is often about wealth, traditionally in terms of cattle, and wealth is believed to come from "God" in some theological systems, and certainly abundance is a divine concept. Fehu looks a little like a person with two arms raised toward the sky. Positioning Fehu above the human level makes sense to me. 
Chakra correspondence: soul star; a chakra above the well known seven chakra system, which transcends the physical human level and may act as a conduit for the universal life force. 

Uruz represents wild creatures who have fur, like the hair on a human's head. Uruz looks a little like a simplified profile drawing of a human head, with a hat or hair hanging down in back. 
Chakra correspondence: crown chakra, representing the top of the head and the point at which the forces of solar nature first meet the person. 

Thurisaz represents thorns, and thorny situations, for which people will be on the look-out. Thurisaz is most often shown with a pointed protrusion (not rounded, as in this graphic) and represents watchfulness for protective reasons; looking out for one's self and one's loved ones. 
Chakra correspondence: third eye, representing insight and actual sight. 

Ansuz symbolizes receiving or knowing an answer to something puzzling; communication. Similar to fehu, and with the "arms" reaching down as if to write, rather than up toward the heavens. 
Chakra correspondence: throat chakra; the point of human verbal communication. 

Raidho symbolizes travel and physical movement. Raidho looks a little like a stick drawing of a large-breasted woman walking, or running after a child. 
Chakra correspondence: heart chakra; the location of a human's breasts. 

Kenaz represents the fire and flame made by human hands; the candle, the lamp and the hearth. Kenaz looks like an energy suddenly bursting out from nothingness, like the spark that becomes the flame. 
Chakra correspondence: solar plexus chakra; the fiery "sun" within ourselves. 

Gifu represents a gift, a loving partnership, and loving cooperation. It looks like a simple drawing of an unborn infant's arms and legs. 
Chakra correspondence: sacral; the womb within a woman. 

Wunjo represents happiness, a happy conclusion, and being "happily ever after". It looks like a simple drawing of an infant arriving, healthy and head-first, into the world. 
Chakra correspondence: root; the base of the spine and the place of birthing. 

If a corresponding rune tile is desired for a chakra below the well-known seven, such as at the feet or the earth star, the contemporary blank rune may be an option. 

These are my "first impressions" of correspondences within the first eight runes, which are often attributed to the divine feminine, Freya (and, sometimes, to her twin brother).