An Honest Review

I have been following Athena Perrakis' "Sage Goddess" website for a couple of years; since a ritual she held for the Goddess Fortuna, which was advertised online a couple of years ago or so, came to my attention via Google.

As the author of a not-very-well-known Goddess book, "p.s. Fortuna", I was puzzled that the acclaimed Dr. Perrakis would present this Goddess with purely contemporary symbolism and neglect the aspect of Her traditional role as a bringer of fruit produce; the good luck of a fruitful harvest.

After some time of wandering around this aforementioned website, somewhat confounded due to a broken finger which coincidentally also happened about a couple of years ago, I have finally connected with something closer to what I have sensed in the Goddess Fortuna.

Surprisingly, perhaps, it's not the Sage Goddess "Fortuna" products that forged a connection; emblazoned as they are with pop culture images of cornucopias filled to overflowing with golden coins, much like the contemporary statuettes sold as "Fortuna" on Amazon and Ebay.

The traditional "Fortuna", a Goddess of the fruit harvest, is well represented in this course which never mentions Her name nor gives Her one ounce of credit, yet somewhat innocently honors the act of consuming healthy, natural produce; perhaps the most important ritual being to consume a beverage containing the liquids of one or two fruits. Indeed, fruit is honored within this course.

Part I of this course, which I first explored several weeks ago, finally brings me some closure to the Sage Goddess experience in general.

I would highly recommend that, if any follower of the ancient harvest Goddesses is curious about what Dr. Perrakis has to offer, they may wish to start with this course. I have, personally, found the Sage Goddess website to be highly confusing, perhaps most profoundly as an individual who was in a healing process that involved real medical professionals.

Note: Athena Perrakis' LinkedIn shows she has a PhD and is NOT a medical doctor. In this course she shares her personal experiences and interpretations of a popular weight loss strategy that focuses on quality, natural nutrition.

The course is "Physical Wellness and Energy Healing: Part I", shown below in the resources.

I do not necessarily recommend parts II and III, because part I of this course is actually complete in itself and ... spoiler alert ... parts II and III videos include non-Vegan-friendly tools I found difficult to watch. Similarly, Dr. Perrakis's personal full moon altar, according to her blog post how-to-work-with-full-moon-energy, is blatantly non-Vegan which I feel is as unnecessary as it is repugnant to animal rights.

The bulk of the website appears to glamorize the raping of earth's mineral resources for mass consumption. If you do nothing else but take this course, and then leave the website, I feel the connection with the Goddess Fortuna may remain intact for traditional spiritualists who are quite satisfied with informational e-products.

Part I of this course is helpful, honors the botanical produce of the earth, and appears to be genuine and heartfelt.

Note: A slightly different version of the above was posted, as an on-site review at the Sage Goddess course page, prior to sharing on social networking and here at my website. It represents my opinion of an informational course which was purchased. It does not necessarily represent an off-site endorsement.

I merely share here because it is not clear whether all the reviews posted to the Sage Goddess site are actually displayed in their original, unedited context. If my review does not display at the course webpage, as shared at the time of this post, I leave my followers who read this post to draw their own conclusions.

I don't get anything from sharing this information; it is my understanding that the Sage Goddess affiliate program, for which I had previously signed up, has been discontinued.


Physical Wellness and Energy Healing: Part I

Dr. Athena Perrakis | LinkedIn