How Vegan-Friendly is Art, Architecture & Construction?

This new video blog series started with an innocent desire to do a little coloring with art supplies, which lead to learning that my beautiful, watercolor pencil sets may not be Vegan-friendly.
I searched for alternatives online, posted on social networking (linked below) and got a smaller set of Vegan-friendly pencils that are being sent through the mail. (linked below. I can't find them in actual stores)

How can a person live a Vegan lifestyle in the built world? How can an architect design a more Vegan-friendly world? This is the topic I'll be taking on in a new video blog series where I'll be sharing my feelings learning and sharing resources about Vegan-Friendly Design.

Everywhere I look, there are animal-based products. In glaze on ceramics (are the plates on which I eat Vegan food, actually Vegan?), furniture (are the stains and finishes Vegan?), the clothes I wear (are the dyes Vegan?), and even product labeling (are the inks, labels and glue Vegan?)

How realistic is it to evaluate and replace everything in our houses (and maybe some things in the house construction) with Vegan stuff? Would it be better to just learn how to change, so we can move forward with better ways of designing and constructing Vegan-friendly communities for the future?


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