Reiki and Energy of Money Symbols

After exploring Stephanie Brail's Money Reiki 1-2-3,  despite it not being true Reiki (Usui Reiki is the actual source of Reiki-inspired attunements), I feel the author put a lot of thought and good ideas into it. Money Reiki Level One is an interesting read, and the concepts within it complement the teachings of traditional Usui Reiki.

I did, however, question the need to include additional graphic symbols beyond the original Usui symbols. Although the author is very talented at uncovering foundational issues and dealing with them in a realistic writing style, the symbols created by the author are not resonating with me as strongly as do her rhetorical theories and practical ideas. When you consider that the Master of Reiki, Mikao Usui, spent years researching a handful of ancient graphics, it's really difficult for contemporary authors to compete on that level.

Unfortunately, in my view, levels II and III of Ms. Brail's Money Reiki manuals have more symbols than I care to memorize, and fewer more developed concepts to work with. Level I concepts are very nice...however I don't plan to use the symbols, or work with Level II or III Money Reiki now, or in the foreseeable future...not because there's anything wrong with them. It's just, based on my experience and client feedback, it doesn't appear to be necessary.

Despite this, I found the material itself to be worth reading over and considering. For example...the idea of negativity, negative entities, jealous people, and so much more that sometimes gets involved in money issues. Again, Ms. Braille is very adept at explaining these concepts as a talented, writer who is easy to read and understand.

Fortunately, there are plenty of talented Reiki inspired authors in abundance, as well as websites that package perhaps the most helpful of these systems together. As an example of a less renown Reiki inspired author, Ali Afnan provides a very helpful, general symbol in his concise yet informative Negative Entities Clearing Reiki, who created a symbol I find memorable and useful for dealing with all sorts of issues. So...despite Usui Reiki being the accepted practice, graphics and extra info from other authors and systems may prove to be helpful, despite their esotericism.

Back to Money Reiki...Level I included a single symbol, the USD symbol $, and the author suggested experimenting. I felt her theory was very good despite the symbol somewhat lacking in ancient origins and the extensive research of the traditional Usui Reiki symbols. I am trained in design, so maybe I'm sensitive to visuals. So I am now working with a very simple, cohesive idea for symbolism.

I notice that most (if not all) contemporary currency symbols include one or two parallel straight lines: Either these are vertical lines, like those added to the letter S for the American dollar sign $. A great many more have horizontal lines, like the Indian Rupee derived from the letter R ₹, the British pound made from the letter L £, and the Euro made from the letter E €.

The vertical line, crossed with a horizontal line, makes an equal armed cross +. This is of course a very ancient symbol...more like the Usui symbols came from traditional sources. The vertical line | symbolizes the path of travel between spiritual and physical money...what is received on a spiritual level, and the thanks given in return. The horizontal line - symbolizes the exchange of money between people on a tribal level of commerce.

When the vertical and horizontal lines are doubled, as they are in many international currency symbols, the equal arm cross + becomes a hash tag #. What's nice about all this, is that these symbols work in numerical contexts, with the equal arm cross being the plus sign of addition and increase +, the hash tag being the symbol for numbers #. Suddenly, the symbols have context, international significance, and ancient origins.

So, long story short, I feel that the Reiki of Money symbols are more basic and international as symbolized by the equal armed cross + (or hash tag #) rather than all the different currency symbols of the present day. Whether this works better for me, or for many more people, is yet to be determined. I am sharing this idea as someone reviewing the system, and who has communicated with a mentor.

This idea of mine is intended to simplify the symbols considerably for Level I Money Reiki and streamline the effectiveness of Reiki of Money sessions as a Usui Reiki Master.

+  #