Why I'm Willing to Give Reiki the Benefit of the doubt.

Recently I added Reiki to the metaphysical services I offer clients. I offer services to clients from a distance, and also practice it in person for myself and my own use.

Wednesday, the mid-point of the week, has been my preferred day to perform Reiki. Traditionally, it's the day of Mercury; an ancient mythological Roman deity associated with commerce, communication, business contracts, and healing. I particularly enjoy performing Usui Reiki with the intention to include the energy of receiving money, because of traditional Reiki's built-in ethics.

This week, as usual, I performed Wednesday Reiki practice. I awoke the next morning, and checked my Thursday emails. I was alerted to a new transaction with some stocks that I had purchased a few years ago, and which I had been trying to get rid off since 2016. I checked into the trading website, and sure enough all my unwanted stocks had sold.

It was one of those rare moments of business ecstasy. YESSSSS!!! I cheered. I celebrated. I was walking on air for a few hours on Thursday. It was a Thursday to remember. A Thursday of Thursdays.

It was the Thursday that VBIO's penny stock rose to over $2.00 a share, and I was finally rid of them. Gone. History. I posted on facebook, I cheered on my Reiki  clients. And I wondered maybe, just maybe, this Reiki thing might actually work in the real world. I still offer metaphysical services as entertainment, but what if?

Why was I so glad to get rid of VBIO stock this week? It's not because I made a lot of money. I made a little money, sure. I didn't sell at a loss, which was my final decision.

I never actually bought VBIO stocks. I invested in STVF. Stevia First was a company which supported the miraculous, zero-calorie naturally sweet plant.

Why didn't I invest in VBIO, a company involved in cannabinoids? I didn't invest in that because I'm not "into" cannabinoids. I don't even smoke pot. I am one of those rare individuals who don't like marijuana. I honesty don't. Even the people I used to know, who smoked pot at the time, would tell you the same. I don't smoke anything.

So how did I acquire over 1000 shares of VBIO?

It's because, believe it or not, I invested in STVF; a company dedicated to the growing of the stevia plant and making it marketable to companies that use sugar. At some point in time, shares went down to 30 cents each. So I bought a ton of them, thinking it was so cool at the time.

unfortunately, things changed soon thereafter

STVF decided not to support stevia production anymore, and changed its stock symbol to VBIO.

It also changed the complete concept of the company from stevia production, and using the processes the company learned from stevia production to...yep, you guessed it...supporting that boring, over-talked-about, not-to-mention still federally illegal "Mary Jane".

Do you feel that sinking feeling? I know I did...when I tried to get more STVF stock and found that my online investment company no longer recognized the stock symbol. Instead, the online dashboard showed I owned over 1000 shares of VBIO. I didn't know what was going on.

Maybe STVF sent around an email...and you know how company emails sometimes wind up in spam. Maybe they didn't send out an email until later. I don't know how to prove whether regular stockholders like me were consulted. Anyway, I didn't have actual knowledge of the proposed change in time to get my money out before it happened.

After searching around online to determine what was going on, I saw something on the company website stating that the stock holders had approved it.

At first I thought, okay, I guess it's above my head...as usual. I don't really have a huge say in what corporations decide. And then I realized...hey, I'm a stock holder. I didn't approve anything like this. I felt tricked into supporting a company that was lying to me...and to all the other stockholders who, like me, weren't asked for approval in advance.

So, there I was, stuck with over 1000 shares of VBIO. I wanted to support stevia production...and I can't stand marijuana.

I was, truly, glad the stocks went up to $2 a share for a day. I don't care whether the stocks skyrocket or whether they tank at this point. I don't want to make millions on pot. I do have my standards.

I'm just glad I'm out of it. And a little money ahead. Not much. Just a little.

Now I have 33 shares of Ford stock. Sure, I'd rather support stevia production than an automobile company, but I do drive occasionally. Ford shares were at a really low price, and I like my Ford Focus. It's a very reliable car. Yes, I know it's not a "green" solution. But, seriously, pot-minded corporations are enough to turn me off green. At least for one day.

No forward-looking statements included in the above. Just my experiences and my opinions as a home-based amateur investor.


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