Angelite Gemstone Plate!

We now have an angelite plate to assist in channeling higher vibrations. Angelite is a natural crystal that is believed to attract calming, higher energies.

According to The Crystal Vaults, Angelite's metaphysical properties assist in solidifying temporary situations. This may be an asset for people who desire stability on a current job, or energies to recognize and remember reaching an important goal.

This angelite beauty was found at a local rock and mining shop in the High Desert, along with a wonderful assortment of smaller stones I have placed in a crystal grid before empowering it with Reiki symbols.

The angelite plate is set into a crystal grid in a star hexagram pattern during the waxing gibbous moon, and will stay in a grid during the full moon and afterwards for total of twelve days to symbolize every month of the year.

At the end of the twelve days, in time for monthly distance sessions, the angelite plate will be empowered with the traditional Usui Reiki symbols. It will then be ready to represent the attraction of higher energies.

Gemstone grid with Angelite plate, Hematite, Clear Quartz, Aventurine and Citrine

The hexagram star is a two-dimensional representation of the merkaba symbol of balance. Hematite, a grounding and protective stone associated with magnetic energies, is placed around the angelite in this pattern to balance higher energies with the earth plane.

Next, clear quartz is placed at the three points beyond the hematite, in a pyramidal triangular pattern, for stability, security and balance. Clear quartz is a powerful crystal that has traditionally been used in everyday objects like radios and watches. Its presence in the grid is to empower its use for the higher good.

Aventurine is placed at two points to the upper left and the upper right. Aventurine is a green stone that represents gentle growth and prosperity, and is believed to balance energies on all levels, to promote confidence and leadership qualities.

Citrine, a stone of wealth, is placed at the lowest point in the grid, forming an inverted triangle with the two aventurine above. An inverted triangle may symbolize a cup to be filled or a funnel of receiving. Citrine is a stone that has a valuable and unique quality that transmutes negative energy.


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