Trucker's Voice in Court

California Marketing Associate  

If you're a truck driver, chances are you've heard of Trucker's Voice in Court, or TVC Pro-Driver, as it's sometimes called.

I'm not a truck driver, so I can't vouch for the services personally, and I've heard mixed reviews from the professionals out there. Some have said it's the greatest thing, helped them a lot with a court case, got the points off their record. Others say, if you're getting tickets you shouldn't be a truck driver, keep the roads safe. Then again, there's the ones who felt it was a waste of time; the attorney didn't show up, or didn't help or whatever.

As a marketing associate, I can say that the company has been fair, and that I make a really nice commission the first month a truck driver signs up. After about 10 months or so, if the membership stays active, I make a small residual for each account. So, if you're a truck driver, and you've been thinking about signing up in California, contact me to sign up for TVC.