LED Rebates for So Cal Edison Business Customers

Some time ago, I affiliated with

Advanced Energy Solutions

to help business owners on So Cal Edison to get a rebate on LEDs for their commercial properties.

This sounded like a really great opportunity, and it is...for businesses that use screw-in style bulbs. You can replace your screw-in style bulbs with LEDs for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them new. The thing is, though, if your business uses those fluorescent tubes, like most offices do, then there's not a replacement program for them. Not to my knowledge anyway.

I did find someone who had screw-in style bulbs, and got them some plain LED bulbs for the cost of sales tax. Different styles of screw-in bulbs have different prices; some cost a few dollars, and then of course the sales tax. They were very pleased with the value they received for the price, so my feeling is, this is probably a good program for businesses on So Cal Edison that have the type of bulbs that screw in. It's not for new construction; it's for existing businesses to convert over.

I'm not sure how long the program will last. I haven't been in touch with the company for maybe a year or two. If I remember the situation, you need to have your So Cal Edison business billing so the paperwork can be filled out. If this sounds like a program you'd be interested in, and you have the right kind of bulbs, a business location that uses energy from So Cal Edison, and a desire for LED rebates, go ahead and contact me.